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Martial Arts America Student Handbook

We have a created a wonderful resource for our students and families. Many of the answers to your questions will be answered in this handbook or on this page.

You can easily print anything from these pages. Feel free to print as may copies as you need.

Please take the time to look at the handbook to help you understand more about Martial Arts America.

The promise/pledge


Please review the “MAA Pledge/Promise” with your children and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Note to teachers and school personnel;

Please contact us as soon as possible if there is any question, problem or concern involving any of our students. We are committed to Building Great Kids… One Child at a Time!

Young girl
Every student under the age of 18 who takes martial arts lessons at Martial Arts America is required to make this very important promise or commitment. It is a commitment not to misuse their martial arts skills or techniques.

“The Promise” is built on a foundation of respect, self-control and self-discipline.

Each student will be required to make this promise to their parents or guardians and the Instructors at the school. Once you have reviewed the promise with your child/children be sure to have them go up to their instructor at their next class and shake their hand and say: “ I promise to obey the rule!”

Here is a copy of “The Pledge”

“FREE Guest Pass Rewards” Program

We want more people just like you and your children in our school and our classes!

We are committed to changing the world one student at a time. Martial Arts America is a very special place indeed. We are dedicated to helping every student reach their goals in school, martial arts and life.

You already know the value of our classes. Now it is time to share your love and passion for the martial arts with your friends. Please feel free to print out as many of the Guest Passes as you like and give them to your friends. Be sure to write your name on each one before you share them.

Guest Pass Rewards

For each of your friends/family that enrolls after their free trial classes you will receive a $25.00 Gift Card for Martial Arts America. You can use the gift cards to purchase any clothing, equipment, supplies or weapons.

Click here to print out a FREE guest pass for your family and friends. All guest passes are good for an entire family.

Martial Arts America Class Schedule

Here is a copy of our latest class schedule. Please feel free to print a copy.


This link contains a copy of the curriculum for approximately the first 8 months of training. These are the curriculum sheets for the first four belts. They rotate so you can start on any one and over the next 8-10 months you will learn and master the material on all four pages. Once you have finished all four cycles you will be ready to move to the intermediate curriculum.

Basic Students

Here is the complete Flying Dragons Curriculum

Bo Staff Sets and Forms

This booklet contains the step-by-step directions for doing any of the Bo Staff sets or Forms in the basic and intermediate curriculum.

Safety Gear requirements

Pic in Student
Safety gear is required at Martial Arts America. Remember to bring all of your safety gear to every class. If there is any safety gear that you do not have yet, please purchase it from your instructor at your next class.

Please remember all gear must be purchased at Martial Arts America.

(Flying Dragons only need hand pads, – Basic students need; hand pads, foot pads and shin guards.)

The Traits of a Champion

MAA America

Martial Arts America offers a very unique program for all of its students under the age of 18 called the “Traits of a Champion.” It’s a wonderful program that teaches character education and life skills through learning and taking action. This program creates a powerful bridge between the life skills we are teaching here at Martial Arts America and the same skills children learn at home and school.

The program is 100% free and students can earn over 50 different badges and certificates. It is very simple and easy to get started.

Please click on the following link to learn more about the program and help your child start earning their “Traits of a Champion” badges and certificates.

Here is the password – “champion”

Beginner Students – Basic Skills Test

You will be working on a group of “Basic Skills” during the second half of each regular class to help you “master” your basic skills.

Be sure to print a copy of this page so you can practice your skills and be ready for your in-class skills review. To pass this review/test you will need to show excellent skills and knowledge. You must demonstrate the proper stances, starting positions/chambers and ending positions of each of the techniques. You must also know the proper part of the hand or arm that your using to block or strike.

You will also need to demonstrate outstanding Black Belt focus, concentration and intensity. The instructors want to know that you are ready for additional focus and concentration challenges when you move into the next level of your training.

Great FREE E-Books

Here are 3 FREE e-Books that contain great information about our programs and training in the martial arts.

Being a Black Belt

Building Great Kids

The Martial Arts Mountain

The Building Great Kids Program

We are proud to announce our participation in the national life skills and character education program;

“Building Great Kids.” We are excited to be able to offer this outstanding program to the children, families and staff here at our school.

Building Great Kids is dedicated & committed to providing schools, parents and families with the most comprehensive and up to date information to aid or assist in building great kids, great people and great families. We achieve our goals through providing the finest books, information, inspiration and educational training materials. These books are provided as part of the “Building Great Kids” library of life skill and character education books.

The Building Great Kids program is a complete Life Skills & Character Education program built on two series of books;

“Building Great Character” – There 24 books in this series including Attitude, Confidence, Self-discipline, Focus, Honesty, etc.

These books are written for children of all ages and designed to inspire and educate. Each book features, stories, inspirational quotes, daily or weekly themes, interactive worksheets and “Action Challenges.” Younger children will require parental assistance to read and complete the books.

These books will be handed out at each graduation as part of your graduation packet.

For more information you can look at the Building Great Kids Brochure

Stop the Bullies NOW!

Are you worried your child might be victim. We have the answer; it’s our “Stop the Bullies – NOW! program. Our kids develop the knowledge and skills to stand up to bullies without having to fight.

Are you worried your child might be victim. We have the answer; it’s our “Stop the Bullies – NOW! program. Our kids develop the knowledge and skills to stand up to bullies without having to fight.

Bullyproof your kids

Bullies often torment kids who unknowingly send messages that make them become targets. “It’s in the way they stand, their posture, their lack of eye contact,” says Robyn Silverman, PhD, a child development specialist and director of character development at EEMA Fitness and Martial Arts in South Weymouth, MA. At Martial Arts America, participants are constantly challenged and then praised for doing their best. That builds confidence, says Silverman. “Kids learn that their bodies and minds are strong, powerful, and worthy of respect,” she says. “Once a child discovers this, his whole attitude shifts. He/she carries himself with an ease and assurance that tells bullies to move on.”

Because martial arts are generally noncompetitive—kids set their own pace for earning stripes and belts—classes provide a safe environment for kids with fragile egos to heal and become stronger, mentally and physically. They learn to look aggressors in the eye, to think through hostile situations calmly, and to take a positive, no-nonsense stance when threatened.

Bullies benefit, too—and not because they learn to kick harder. A 2001 study published in Adolescence found that violent behavior decreased among middle-schoolers when they were taking martial arts classes, while their confidence levels rose. “Bullies act the way they do because they have low self-esteem, poor social skills, or little respect for themselves or others,” Silverman says. The focus on respect and courtesy at Martial Arts America sends the message that you don’t have to be mean to earn a person’s respect.

FREE “Stop the bullies NOW!” resources

Add Stop the bullies Now – Free Book

Add Verbal Self-defense – Free Book

Add Keep your Children Safe Now – Free Book

The A,B,C,’s of stopping Bullies – Free Poster

The 7 Daily Reminders – Free Poster