Self Defense for Kids

Teach Your Kids How to Protect Themselves

SelfDefenseForKidsPHOTOAre you worried that your child doesn’t know how to stay safe? Every parent wants to know their kids are safe. Our special self-defense and child safety curriculum is used throughout the world to keep kids safe!

Child safety – Confidence is the Key!

Is you child shy, quiet or afraid?

Every parent wants to instill their children with the confidence to stand up to peer pressure, say no to drugs, stay safe and enjoy success and happiness in their lives.

Do you worry that your child might be saying “yes” when he or she should be saying “no?”

A child needs tremendous CONFIDENCE, strength and good character to avoid the dangers and temptations that young people encounter in today’s society.

Is your Child ready?

Confidence truly is the KEY to a life filled with success and happiness. Unfortunately confidence doesn’t come in a box, a bottle or any package. You can’t get it at a drive through window. In fact you can’t BUY it anywhere.

Simply put confidence comes from experience. Consistent positive, rewarding experience builds a person confidence systematically.

Look for opportunities to recognize and reward your child’s actions, choices or achievements each and every day. The smallest word of encouragement from you or an influential adult will have a huge impact. Remember the power of rewards for teaching persistence and pride. Help your children set up short-term goals with rewards for achieving them.

Other people, teachers, coaches, ministers and friends will have a large impact on your child’s confidence and self-esteem but no one will have as big of an impact as you, their parent.

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