Self Defense for Families

Learn how to keep You and your Family Safe

SelfDefenseForFamiliesPHOTODo you have the knowledge and skills to protect and keep your family safe? If not, we have the answer. Our programs are deigned to teach you and your family how to be and stay safe in any situation.

Welcome to the “Keep Your Children Safe.”

Our family self-defense training is all about empowering children with the tools, skills and knowledge to be and stay safe. We are not here to scare or intimidate anyone. The reality of the world is we need to be aware and alert to the dangers that are all around us.

Helping your children become confident, aware, and prepared is the greatest defense again child abduction. Remember, “knowledge + awareness = confidence.” And confidence is the key! Do whatever you can to create a confident child. In so doing, you will increase your child’s safety immeasurably…and give yourself some peace of mind.

The Power of Confidence!
The confidence to say no
To walk away
To stand up for yourself or others

  You have taken an important step by deciding to enroll in our classes. This, however, is just the beginning. Continue to review this information frequently. The “Keep Your Children Safe” book along with martial arts and self-defense instruction are powerful tools in keeping your child safe.

To increase your child’s awareness, “test” them with different scenarios from time to time. Challenge your children when you are at the grocery stodre or the park or the mall. Help them learn and remember through real practical experiences. Also, practice the physical skills in a stressful, real way.

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