Karate Classes for Little Kids

Martial Arts Classes for Little Kids Ages 3-5

LittleKidsPHOTOOur special “Flying Dragons” and “Little Champions” classes are designed specifically for building confidence and self-esteem in young children and helping learn to focus, listen, work together and treat each other with respect.

“Flying Dragons” program (Ages 3 – 5)
The Martial Arts America “Flying Dragons” is a very unique martial arts, life skills and character education program for children ages 3 – 6. Our program and curriculum is used in schools throughout North America.

The program emphasizes building focus, concentration, listening skills, self-control, a positive attitude, confidence, respect and discipline. We do this in a very disciplined, structured, positive and high-energy class environment. Students will earn white belts with a single or double stripe every 10 – 12 weeks at a special graduation ceremony.

What’s next?
“Flying Black Belt” program

Students become eligible to move up to the “Flying Black Belt” program between the age of 6 and 7. After the child turns 6, the instructors will evaluate their skills, focus, attitude and performance. When the instructors feel the child is no longer being challenged by the class, is getting bored or has mastered many of the “Flying Dragon” basic skills, they will be promoted to the “Flying Black Belt” program.

In this program the students will attend the “Basic” class. The class is 50 minutes in length rather than the 30 minute “Flying Dragon” class. They will begin to earn special “camouflage” belts with colored stripes. The ultimate goal in this program is to earn their full “Camouflage Belt” when they turn 7.

This program is designed to further build and challenge their focus, concentration and discipline by putting them in a more focused environment with slightly older role models. Plus they will be eligible to participate in the “Black Belt Training” portion of class after they pass their “Basic Skills Test”

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